Motion Image

Consulting & Creating

We can add motion to an existing image that you have. This can be photography, mixed media, or even artwork.

We can also create new content for you that will be used for the plotagraph or motion image campaign. See Content Creation for more info.

These are great additions for digital marketing which will capture your audience’s attention. Some examples you can use these for are any social media platform, email marketing and websites for content, or specific campaigns like events, promotions, weddings, PR events, etc.

Motion Images
Can take up to 2 weeks from start to finish


What is a motion image?

A motion image, or plotagraph, is a still image that has added movement to one or a few elements, creating a never ending loop that adds a continuous and mesmerizing movement that will keep your audience captivated and feeling inspired.

We are able to add this type of alluring movement to existing photographs or illustrations that you have, or we can create them from scratch.

A motion image will have motions added in post production created in software. This movement is extremely hypnotizing. Meanwhile, cinemagraphs usually has some natural movement included in the image (but not limited to that) that was captured during the shoot. This movement is very organic and intriguing.

You can control the speed, direction, and the look of the plotagraph with us!

Motion Image Packages

Monthly retainers are also available.

Bronze- Consulting
You already have your images and content planed, you just want movement or effects on your image. All you have to do is send us your still content and let us help you!

Silver- Consulting & Execution
We help you get ready for the shoot day by consulting you and when you are done the shoot, you send us the photos. We then create the moving image.

Gold- From Start To Finish
We take on the whole motion image project. Creative direction, shoot day consulting or in studio illustration creation and mixed media, and then execution of the movement on the image.



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