Consulting & Creating

At Image Fatale, we are able to add cinemagraph motion in post production and can consult you for capturing the best footage for the job. If you want to add motion to an already existing image, please visit our Motion Image section.

We can also guide you on the cinemagraph project from start to finish: beginning with creative direction and going into planning the shoot, to then using the footage to create the cinemagraph.

Our cinemagraph service is particularly well suited to use for digital marketing such as to promote a corporate event, a wedding, a special launch, or just as a blend in your general campaing.

Can take up to a month from start to finish


What is a cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are photos that are brought to life with one or two moving elements that create an immediate alluring connection with the audience. Not quite a video, but not quite a still image. It’s almost impossible to look away.

A cinemagraph usually has some natural movement included in the image (but not limited to that) that was captured during the shoot - like water or hair moving in the wind. This movement is very organic and intriguing, and is recorded during the video shoot. Afterwards, we work with the video to create stillness in certain areas. Compared to a motion image or plotagraph, that will all be post production movement, created in software. This later movement, on the other hand, is extremely hypnotizing,

You can control the speed, the direction, and the look of the Cinemagraph with us! We can guide you as to which technique is best for your needs.

Cinemagraph Packages

Bronze- Consulting
You already have your whole team and you just need a few tips or touch ups. Let us help you!

Silver- Consulting & Execution
We help you get ready for the shoot by consulting with you. We then create the footage with the photos and footage you provide.

Gold- Creative Direction, Consulting & Execution
We take on the whole cinemagraph project which includes creative directing and consulting on location during the photoshoot with a qualified team. After the shoot, we execute the cinemagraph.




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